´╗┐Ok, that might be slightly dramatic, but there are a number of things to avoid when editing and these apply to all photos! Here are 3 common mistakes people make!

1. Drowning In Saturation 

Oversaturation is one mistake that can be seen throughout many photos. Just check out some hashtags and have a look! This boils down to the photographer wanting to introduce additional color into the shot, however when overdone, photos can become far too unnatural. Although this may be your style of punchy colors, there is a fine line!

2. Death By Highlighting

Lightroom is great for allowing you to bring up darkened sections of your photos and revealing the details. However, if you pull the shadows up to far, the contrast in the shadow section is lost. This leaves your shadows lacking texture, and ultimately flattening your photo.

3. Vignetting Overkill

Vignette is in basics the light fall off, which is the darkening of the corners of photos. This is a very powerful tool to draw out a subject in a photo, however, it can easily be overdone. Overdoing the vignette can look excessive and draw the eye actually to the corners due to its unnatural look, therefore losing your desired effect of subject focus. 


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