Start Selling Your Filters.

Create a side business of selling filters to your followers and earn

Partner up with us to kickstart your online business selling presets.

We Bring Them To You

We handle the marketing and getting new customers into the store so you can focus on creating your presets.

A suite of Seller Tools

We make it easy to promote, manage and sell your presets to your audience to grow your business painlessly.

Your Product = Your Money

You’re doing the hard work creating your presets so we feel it’s only right that you keep up to 70% on each sale.

Your Product = Your Freedom

Keep selling your filters on your own site and earn even more by selling on FilterGrade.

Your audience is waiting for you.

One of the biggest obstacles with selling filters to your followers is having a platform to sell on and to gain new customers. We handle all of these issues with your own vendor page that you can promote. We reach new customers by promotion and ads through various social platforms, growing your audience even more.

Create an Account

It’s an incredibly simple process. Once you’ve created an account, we will reach out to get some more info and learn more about you. You’ll then just send us your presets (around 8-15 per pack) and before and after images that have been edited with your presets. We’ll bundle the pack up, add it to the store, and then you are free to make any changes you’d like by adding more images, changing the description, and adjusting pricing.

This is the name that customers see when purchasing your products. Please choose carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Still Sell My Presets On Other Sites?

Of course! You are free to sell your products on other sites and platforms. We do not have any exclusivity contracts.

How Do I Track My Sales?

Once your account is approved, you’ll have access to sellers dashboard where you can view your sales, update products, and more.

What type of promotion will I get on your site?

We look at each product and vendor individually and look at different ways to promote your product. This can include email campaigns, interviews for our blog, We also have a large network of influencers, hubs, and creators who can use your presets and create posts and edits to share on social media