When I first stepped into the world of photography, I often become frustrated at the fact that I wasn’t able to take the photos I thought I should be producing. I followed many photographers & creators on social media, seeing incredible photos every single day, where I found my photos lacked the punch! Then I found out about Adobe Lightroom/Lightroom Mobile. Here are 3 reasons you should start using Lightroom right NOW.

  1. NON-DESTRUCTIVE EDITING – Lightroom is specifically designed with photographers in mind, and it shows. Every image is imported as a copy, meaning that any adjustments have no effect on the original.  Every edit you make can be changed at any time during your workflow, even on iOS.  This is a common feature missing from a lot of mobile apps.  Once you make an edit, you cannot change that specific adjustment anytime during your editing workflow. This all changes with Lightroom.  I like to think of each adjustment tool as a Layer, like photoshop. You can change each “layer” at any time giving you so much more control.  Not happy with your color temperature change you made at the beginning?  Easy!  Want to modify your curves adjustments on the preset you added 12 steps before?  Simple.
  2. SIDE BY SIDE COMPARISON – Lightroom allows you to see your adjustments against the original, meaning you can see first hand how your photo has developed.  This is extremely useful in seeing just how far you’ve come from the original.  Or if you’ve overprocessed an image, taking away from the original vibe you were going for.
  3. PRESETS – Lightroom allows you to store a group of adjustments in the form of presets. This is perfect if you have a specific style or goal. You can edit multiple photos, ensuring that your creativity flows throughout.  Relic is a big believer in using presets to save time and helping discover new ways to edit your photos.  Presets sync between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile now, which makes editing between devices even easier.

Lightroom will become an invaluable tool if it hasn’t already.  We’ll be adding more tutorials, interviews, and even some free presets just for subscribers, so be sure to sign up for our email list.


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